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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

A spotlight on transgender and queer issues from the Crossdream Life forum

Crossdream Life is a forum for discussion of gender variance where members can explore their own identities, discuss transgender and queer issues and in general take a look at whatever it is that interests them.

This sometimes leads to very interesting discussions that will also be of interest to others. Here are some topics from the last 12 months or so.

Should you be offended if someone calls you trans?
Brigitte Macron sues people who call her trans. Is that transphobia?

Sampling and Blanchardianism
Ray Blanchard and the followers of his "autogynephilia" theory do some wild statistical acrobatics in order to find the facts fit a misleading theory. See also: Bailey on autogynephilia and AGP as a zombie theory.

Strong American support for the LGBTQ-community, but trans people do not get as much love as the rest
A debate on the mixed signals from American surveys of attitudes towards trans people.

The Cass Review heralds how all trans medicine will die
The British Cass review on transgender health care is a mess. See also the thread Cass Says Transition Should Be Measured By “Employment," Not Satisfaction

Subconscious sex - a vital missing piece in the jigsaw?
Julia Serano came up with the term "subconcious sex" to explain gender dysphoria. Does it make any sense? See also the debate on Questions about theories, research and researchers.

The Body as a "Mistake"
A gnostic take on gender identity?

Is transmaxxing a thing?
CDL takes a look at a take on erotic crossdreaming that grew out of the incel community. Some disturbing stuff here.

"Your brain isn’t different because you’re trans"
Or is it?

Busting the Regret Myth
"I been seeing a lot of stories recently talking about people who detransition or who regret transitioning.  These stories almost always try to push a myth that many transgender people end up regretting trantion."

Do you ever have an avatar of a different gender/sex in games?
Do you ?

Is gender dysphoria a kind of CPTSD?
"Trans activists, led by CJ Bellwether, have recently been making the argument that what gender dysphoria actually is is a specific, common expression of cPTSD, caused by being forced to grow up in a gender and body that aren’t your real gender."

Stained Glass Woman - How To Figure Out If You're Trans
A blog post lead to an interesting discussion.

Becoming a Goddess
On the book  Transgender Spirituality: Man Into Goddess by Sakhi Bhava.

Writing a Trans Character in fiction
Onhow to present a transgender character in fiction.

Intersex surgery stole their joy. Now they're trying to get it back
On the medical mistreatment of intersex people and what it means for the rest of us.

voice.ai and live speech
On how AI may help gender variant people find their voice.

Contours of the sexual
A conversation about being trans and sexuality.

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